Saturday, April 20, 2024

Red Rock Deli and Pnau create song with chip ingredients

Red Rock Deli has teamed up with Australian dance music trio Pnau for a “first of its kind” collaboration.

Celebrating the launch of the brand’s new platform ‘Awaken Your Senses’, the pairing has created a “trail blazing” song made “entirely” with Red Rock Deli ingredients.

The sounds on the newly released anthemic track ‘All Your Energy’ have been recorded and sampled from “well-loved” Red Rock Deli ingredients, including the sounds of a chilli “clap”, lime “synth” and black pepper crushed with a mortar and pestle “bass”.

Pnau frontman Nick Littlemore says working with Red Rock Deli has been an interesting space for the group to play in.

“The fusion of music and food is something we haven’t done before, and it sets a new challenge for us,” he says. “‘All Your Energy’ is a quintessential Pnau track but with complex new layers for our fans to explore.”

PepsiCo Chief Marketing Officer ANZ Snacks & Beverages Vandita Pandey says Red Rock Deli is a brand that’s constantly pushing the boundaries of complex and layered flavour.

“We believe in offering more than just a tasty chip; [we want to create] an experience that will awaken your senses and make life more rich, interesting and textured,” she says.

“Partnering with an artist like Pnau brings this message to life in an exciting new way that places the brand at the intersection of art, music and culture and we’re thrilled that the launch of the Awaken Your Senses campaign will offer people a moment to experience the fusion of flavour and sound like never before.”

‘All Your Energy’ is now available to stream on Spotify or Apple Music.

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