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Retail salaries expected to rise

More retail workers are expected to receive a pay rise, according to the 2018-19 Hays Salary Guide.

The Guide predicts that 66 per cent of retail employers will give their staff a pay rise of less than three per cent in their next review, with a further 20 per cent of them giving a three-to-six per cent rise, and four per cent a rise of six per cent or more, while 10 per cent are expected to give no pay rise.

Compared with the previous review, in which 14 per cent of employers gave no increases and seven per cent gave rises of six per cent or more, the Guide’s latest research findings indicate that more professionals will receive an increase in 2018-19, but fewer will get a rise at the higher level of six per cent or above.

The Guide says retail workers have higher expectations than employers that their salaries will rise, with 18 per cent of employees said to be expecting an increase of six per cent or more.

“A major change for sales assistants and assistant store managers is the move to a team-based commission structure so as to reduce competition between staff,” Hays Retail Regional Director David Cawley said. “Retailers now offer a more attractive base salary and guaranteed commission, as well as a collaborative working environment.

“The expansion of planning functions in the major retailers as well as a shortage of merchandise planners has allowed the top talent to negotiate higher wages. As a result, counter offers will increase in 2018-19 as retail employers attempt to retain top planners.”

“Merchandise allocators will be needed, too, with the best candidates able to command competitive salaries.”

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