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Retail sector increases accessibility of ‘pop up’ retailing code

The retail industry’s Casual Mall Licensing Code of Practice has become more accessible, with the Code’s governance group releasing Fact Sheets translated into Arabic, Hindi, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese.

The Code sets the rules and expectations for ‘pop-up’ shops in shopping centres, ensuring that the interests of existing tenants are protected while stimulating innovation and providing short-term business opportunities for retailers.

Currently, a Fact Sheet is typically made available to tenants as an overview of how ‘casual mall licensing’ under the Code works in practice.

“The Code operates very well and was recently reviewed and re-authorised by the ACCC for a further 10 years,” said Mark Brennan, the Independent Chair of the Code Administration Committee and a former Australian and Victorian Small Business Commissioner.

“Casual mall licensing is common in shopping centres and the existing Fact Sheet made available to tenants can be very helpful in understanding the basics of the Code. However, we are mindful that English is not the preferred language for a significant portion of the population.

“This is why we have translated the Fact Sheet into four major language groups, which will contribute to a more informed understanding of the Code by a wider range of tenants.”

Greg Griffith, Chief Executive Officer of the National Retail Association, agreed.

“This is a fantastic initiative and is an important practical resource for our members and retailers. Our experience tells us that many small business owners find it more practical to access information in languages other than English.

“This is a very useful resource and by-product of our mutual interest in the continued success and application of the Code. We look forward to providing the resource to our members.

“ABS data shows that approximately 7.5% of the population speak Arabic, Hindi, Cantonese or Mandarin, and Vietnamese at home; if these Fact Sheets can reach tenants who would prefer or benefit from the clarity provided then we will have made a positive impact on the experience of those tenants and the customers that they serve,” said Mr Griffith.

Angus Nardi, Chief Executive Officer of the Shopping Centre Council of Australia, said that in providing translations of the Fact Sheet, leasing executives would be better equipped to inform tenants about how ‘pop up’ retailing works in shopping centres.

Translated CML Fact Sheets are available at scca.org.au/industry-information/casual-mall-licensing-code.

Text: Shopping Centre Council of Australia. 

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