Tuesday, June 25, 2024

San Remo addresses body positivity with new brand ambassador

San Remo has joined forces with body positivity advocate and film maker Taryn Brumfitt as its new brand ambassador.

Ms Brumfitt will help the pasta brand to dispel ongoing myths around carbs and pasta to promote positive eating habits.

According to San Remo Macaroni Chief Marketing Officer James Askham-Levy, Ms Brumfitt aligns with the brand’s values and will help them continue to educate Australians on the benefits of a well-balanced diet.

“Taryn embodies a body positive attitude and appreciates the fact carbohydrates are an essential macro-nutrient to fuel the body,” he says. “And her body positive message is essential for the health and well-being of all Australians. In Taryn we partner to put this philosophy into practice.”

As part of the partnership, San Remo will be a key supporter for Brumfitt’s upcoming ‘Embrace Kids’ documentary, currently in production.

“San Remo, like us, are committed to creating positive change and are getting behind the ‘Embrace Kids’ message,” says Ms Brumfitt. “We’re so excited to partner with an Aussie brand who are aligned with our values and morals.”

Brumfitt notes the statistic of 70% of Australian school children considering body image to be their number one concern as one of the main drivers for ‘Embrace Kids’.

“We want to inspire the next generation to move, nourish, respect and most importantly enjoy their bodies,” she says.

“No child was born hating their body and yet 70% of Aussie school children consider body image to be their number one concern. I’m devastated with this alarming statistic. However, I’m thrilled to partner with the San Remo team to conquer and change these habits.”

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