Thursday, April 25, 2024 supports small business

Shoppers are open and willing to support local, and new online marketplace is giving them more opportunity to do so.

The new site promotes local and international beer, wine and spirits – all created by small independent producers. This means the support will go to small wineries, distilleries and breweries.

Former hospitality workers Tim Percy and Dave Hynes co-founded to support independent producers, helping them find emerging markets whilst providing consumers the opportunity to try new products.

“We want consumers to have easy access to new and exciting products and make it easy for everyone to support independent producers,” Mr Percy says.

Buying from the marketplace means ‘producers can improve financial return and access the easy-to-use platform for consumers to order from anywhere at any time’.

Mr Hynes adds: “We shine a light on special, hand-made products and the dedicated and talented people who make them, supporting them to grow their business and get their products into consumer’s hands.

“We are a sales platform for small business, like the Etsy of Booze.”

Visit the website to learn more.

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