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Shopper Media Group launches Shopper Ai

Shopper Media Group has launched Shopper Ai, which it describes as a “new heat-map-based media-planning tool”.

According to the company, it enables a new level of precision targeting and efficiencies for retail out-of-home buys. It “overlays” shopping centres nationally to identify the most effective retail out-of-home buy in the Australian marketplace.

A single ecosystem

Shopper Ai gathers data from multiple providers. These include the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Roy Morgan, Transaction Data from APRA, Tourism Research Australia, SEIFA, Australian Government Productivity Commission, and the real-time shopper analytics data collected by market-leading technology MIST.

After drawing on more than 400 categories and multiple subcategories, it then collates all the data into a single ecosystem. Shopper Media Group says the new tool can place a “powerful and unique lens” over the shopping journeys of Australian consumers.

CEO of Shopper Media Group Ben Walker said, “We’ve created the most intelligent media planning tool that overlays multiple data sources into a heat map that allows clients to view where in Australia, and which shopping centres, will deliver the best buy for their campaign.

“We wanted to be transparent and give buyers and agencies a holistic view of where to weight or where to buy. Rather than simply push to our centres, we map the capabilities of all centres to provide the most effective retail mix. We recognise that a multichannel approach will realistically deliver greater efficiencies.”

6.2 million Australians

Since launching in 2015, Shopper Media Group has focused on expanding reach in grocery-centric hubs. Its network of high-tech SmartLite digital panels now spans more than 250 shopping centres. The company says its network reaches more than 6.2 million Australians every fortnight.

National Sales Director Grant Kirkby said, “Our partner agencies and clients will also have the ability to ingest their own data sets. When overlayed with our data ecosystem, we can visually show them the best audience-led solutions for their campaign.

“Not only does Shopper Ai identify the best retail mix, it identifies the shopping centres that will benefit from higher weighting due to the volumes of audience using those specific centres in each market.”

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