Tuesday, June 18, 2024

SPAR Slovenia creates virtual influencer

SPAR Slovenia has introduced a virtual influencer, called Sara, created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

The influencer’s handle, @nerelna.sara, shares content on social networks and offers suggestions for solutions to life and social issues. Although the influencer has been created virtually, behind the content is a team of real writers and creators. Together with Sara, they generate “positive and responsible” content for the digital environment.

Sara’s appearance was created with the help of AI and is said not to represent the “surrealist ideals that are otherwise seen on social networks. Just like her peers from the ‘real’ world, Sara also faces pimples, cellulite and split ends”.

Sara is hoped to provide a safe online environment that encourages positive thinking, while not setting unattainable ideals or encouraging harmful behaviours. Among other things, the influencer’s content touches on sustainability and new technologies, as well as the safe use of the internet.

In the first week, the virtual influencer’s TikTok profile reached 24,000 views.

SPAR Slovenia also uses a ‘smart cart’ tool, called Mirko, in its online shopping platform, suggesting products based on customer profiling. Another tool to help customers is the suggested weekly menu planner.

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