Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Sunny Queen cracks new on-the-go meal

Australia’s favourite smiley-faced brand, Sunny Queen Australia, has expanded its egg-based meal solutions range with Omelette Rolls.

Said to be “jam-packed with nutritional goodness,” Omelette Rolls are hand-rolled omelettes in a wrap, offering a “flavoursome, high protein, all-in-one meal for Aussies on the run”.

“Simply place the Omelette Roll in a sandwich press, microwave or conventional oven and you have the perfect meal for busy parents, workers on the run or children looking for a delicious afternoon snack,” Sunny Queen Australia says.

Individually flow wrapped and available in two flavours, Spinach & Fetta (vegetarian) and Bacon & Cheese, Omelette Rolls retail for around $5 (retailers to price around their own margins).

Meeting consumer demands

Creating “delicious, nutritious, and convenient” meal solutions made with 100% Aussie eggs for food service channels, retailers, health care facilities, QSRs and P&Cs is the driving force for Sunny Queen Australia.

Sunny Queen’s response to meet changing consumer demands through its product innovation highlights the company’s loyalty to its food service customers and increased consumer interest in varied menu options.

“Research shows 75% of Australians want more healthy food,” says Sunny Queen Australia. “Additionally, the shift towards instant gratification and a need for convenience as a result of being time poor has seen the demand for products that meet these needs increase significantly. As a high-protein, on-the-go meal, Omelette Rolls offer the perfect solution”.

About Sunny Queen 

Sunny Queen Australia is proudly farmer owned and a leader in the provision of eggs, channelling this expertise to satisfy the food sector through a variety of convenient, cost-effective, tasty and wholesome egg products. Sunny Queen also works closely with customers to develop tailor-made products to meet specific requirements.

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