Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Sunny Queen Farms launches new campaign

Sunny Queen Farms is on a mission to make every day sunny for Australians by launching its ‘When in the Aisle, Look for the Smile’ campaign.

With over 50 years of experience, Sunny Queen Farms continues provide fresh, quality, and 100% Aussie eggs and egg products.

Sunny Queen Farms is “helping Australian shoppers choose the best eggs and egg products with Sunny Queen Farms’ guarantee of freshness and quality across its fresh eggs, liquid egg products, and frozen range including fritters and delicious bites,” according to the brand.

Sunny Queen Farms has partnered with former Bachelor star Tim Robards, media personality Jules Sebastian, and Happy Chef Mel Alafaci to help spread the campaign message. As part of the campaign, each talent is promoting quick and convenient brekkies, meals, and snacks via social content and PR opportunities.

“Sunny Queen Farms eggs have been a staple in many Australian households for over 50 years. This campaign has been designed to help consumers easily select our delicious products. All our eggs are stamped with a smiley face, so you can’t miss them. When you open the carton at home, all the eggs smile at you and your family, what a great way to start the day! You can also find our smile on our other range of products,” says General Manager of Marketing and Innovation Isabelle Dench.

In recent times, Sunny Queen Farms has expanded its range to include delicious, protein-packed healthy snacks, conveniently available frozen. Shoppers can keep the smiley-faced range in the freezer ready to heat and eat when needed with minimum preparation and cleaning.

“Whether you are running out of time in the kitchen, need a healthy snack, or simply want to give your kids a healthy alternative for lunch, look for the smile in the frozen aisle and try our delicious Sunny Queen Farms Mini Fritters and Protein Bites,” says Isabelle.

Sunny Queen Farms also offers ready-to-pour liquid egg products. The 100% Egg White, and Scrambled Egg Mix have been a hit with consumers wanting a fuss-free option to have on hand in the fridge. “With minimal cleaning-up required, and available in a convenient resealable pouch, the ready-to-pour range is perfect when you’re short on time.”

Sunny Queen Farms offers a range of free, easy-to-follow recipes on its website, from corn and zucchini mini fritters to scrambled eggs with avocado, goat cheese, and dukkha.

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