Sunday, June 16, 2024

SunRice launches Make Tonight Rice Night campaign

Australian rice brand, SunRice, has launched its new ‘Make Tonight Rice Night’ campaign aimed at reminding home-cooks to add rice to their dinner plan and solve the ‘what’s for dinner’ dilemma which faces Aussie kitchens every evening.

Based on the insight that families are constantly looking trusted and easy wins for dinner, Enigma’s brief was to target ‘rice dabblers’ (light rice buyers) and encourage them to add rice dishes to the family meal plan at least once-a-week. Research revealed that the number one rice dish searched on Google is fried rice, and through a social media call-out, Aussies were encouraged to share their “real tips” when it came to making fried rice.

Enigma Executive Planning Director Karl Bates says: “It’s so hard to find inspiration beyond the usual suspects when it comes to the mid-week menu decisions. This was a refreshingly tight brief to get rice off the ‘once-a-month’ substitutes bench, into the Aussie household starting line-up, alongside the routine tacos, pizza and pasta dishes. This platform celebrates fried rice as an accessible, ‘no-rules’ winner for the family. ‘Make Tonight Rice Night’ adds a much-needed additional dish to answer the ‘what’s for dinner’ dilemma.”

Enigma Executive Creative Director Tim Brown says: “Starting an online debate is a smart way to ignite interest. This campaign aims to do just that and take an iconic Aussie brand to the next level.

“Make Tonight Rice Night heroes every day Australians sharing personal tips and ways to prepare and enjoy their version of the best fried rice. Whether it’s a savoury stir-fry, a fresh tomato thrown in or ‘googy egg’ added on top, rice dabblers all proudly share their own “my-hack-is-best” way of preparing rice for dinner rekindling the love for rice and inspiring others along the way,” Mr Brown said.

The SunRice Group Chief Marketing Officer Tamara Howe says: “Fried rice is a much-loved dish by Aussies, its tasty, great value, easy, and perfect for the whole family. We wanted to share these simple hacks to inspire Aussies to enjoy fried rice more often.”

The campaign launched on 24 September with two 15” TVCs and a series of 6” OLVs.

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