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The Golden North story

Dimi Kyriazis

The brand story for Golden North started in 1923 in the town ship of Laura (mid north of South Australia).

By Golden North Director – Sales Dimi Kyriazis. 

Ice cream was first produced because electricity became available which allowed the Laura factory to install freezers and freezing equipment.

Over the years, the factory and the business has had several owners and is now in the hands of five South Australian families who also work in the business. One thing has remained strong for the success of the products; that is the brand.

The narrative for our products is true and as strong today as it was nearly 100 years ago, “Made with fresh milk and cream from country SA”, now also celebrating the centenary in the next two years, the narrative will gain even more strength and reaffirms our ‘unique selling proposition’ to our consumers. This strategy has proven that consistency will bread loyalty as the consumer’s memories with the brand experience has not changed.

Consumers have remained loyal over time and our customer base has been in growth for more then 10 years. As a business, our brands have remained ‘consumer centric’ and with this belief we always need to ask ourselves, “what does this mean to our consumer?” In SA, this belief has empowered consumers to take ownership of the brand, Golden North. It has been a spectacular realisation as everyone you speak to always has a story tell of their experience with our products.

As a business you also need to consider the brand values and the values of your customers, there must be an alignment. Without alignment, you will create the risk of devaluing what the brand stands for with consumers. Once value is gone, it is hard to get it back.

A recent rebrand of the Giant Twins range to align it closer to the wants of our consumers has proven to be hugely successful with the range growing 3x faster than the multi-pack category in SA for the last 12 months. The project has yielded growth for Giant twins in SA of nearly *30% YoY in units and dollars and *74% growth YoY in units and dollars within the independents. This turned Vanilla Giant twins into the most valuable multi-pack in the ice cream category in SA. The rebrand addressed quality, ability to share it, and brand values to maintain relevance and brand alignment with our consumers.

*IRI Scan MAT ending October 2020.


About Dimi Kyriazis

Working in the SA Food industry for more than 25 years and half of that time within the ice cream category. Joining Iconic SA Brand Golden North 13 years ago, Dimi is now one of the owners/Directors of the company.

He has found a passion for the data science in consumers around their brands and loves to bring to life brand realities that match the values of Golden North Consumers. Constantly battling against multinational brands to create customer growth and brand growth with the team has been one of the most satisfying achievements so far.


About Golden North

We are one of the oldest ice cream makers in Australia being nearly 100 years old. What has set our products a part is we still use Fresh milk and Cream in our products as our main ingredient. Consumers in SA and now around Australia recognise this. We have now earned the title of “Best Ice Cream” by Canstar Blue for three years in arow, which is a first for Canstar in the ice cream category.

The milk and the cream is freshly delivered direct from the farm to the factory which is located between the Flinders ranges and the Barossa valley. It is then turned into ice cream and shipped around Australia.

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