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The Swag Partners with SecondBite for Stop Food Waste Day 2023

The Swag, “an award-winning, scientifically proven” food storage and produce bag, has partnered with SecondBite, Australia’s largest free food rescue organisation, to build awareness and support Stop Food Waste Day on April 26, 2023.

The Swag is an intelligent, patented, reusable food storage and produce bag that is machine-washable, compostable, and scientifically proven[1] to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for two weeks or more in the crisper of the fridge.

In recognition of Stop Food Waste Day, for the month of April, The Swag is offering a limited edition ‘SecondBite Bundle’ (RRP $80.30), which includes all three best-selling Swag sizes (Large, Long, and Small), with $4 from every Bundle sold donated to SecondBite.

“Every dollar donated to the organisation can provide enough food for up to five meals[2], so purchasing a SecondBite Bundle will not only help reduce food waste in the home but will also help provide 20 meals to feed hungry Australians living with food insecurity.”

The Swag founder and Managing Director Peita Pini welcomes the partnership with SecondBite as another step towards a future where there is no food waste, and where everyone has access to fresh, nutritious food.

“We are excited to partner with SecondBite to make a difference in the fight against food waste,” Ms Pini said. “The Swag’s mission is to reduce food waste by extending the life of fresh produce. It is a win for the planet and its people; improving food security, addressing climate change, saving money, and reducing pressure on land, water, biodiversity, and waste management systems. We see SecondBite’s work as an important part of this mission.”

SecondBite works with food growers, manufacturers and retailers to rescue surplus and unsold quality food that would otherwise go to waste, and distributes it to more than 1100 charity agencies around Australia. These charities run food programs to support people in need in their communities. The food rescued is redistributed through community pantries, pre-packed hampers and pre-made nutritious meals.

SecondBite acting CEO Lucy Coward says, “We’re thrilled to work with smart, progressive organisations that have the same values as we do. There are many ways we can all play our part in reducing food waste, and extending the life of our fruit and veg by using The Swag’s produce bags is an easy and affordable option. This partnership will not only support us to feed hungry Aussies but will reach a whole new audience of potential supporters.”

Stop Food Waste Day is the largest day of action in raising awareness and changing behaviours to reduce and eliminate food waste. Australians are asked to reflect on their food consumption habits and take action to actively reduce the amount of quality food they bin. The Swag and SecondBite collaboration aims to inspire more individuals and businesses to join the fight against food waste and help reduce the number of Australians experiencing food insecurity.

The Swag’s limited edition SecondBite Bundle (RRP $80.30) is available at

For more information, visit and

[1] Applied Horticulture Research: The Swag Storage Testing, 2021 | Broccolini, parsley and blueberries kept in The Swag remained fresh and marketable for more than two weeks. In some cases, storage life increased up to four weeks.


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