Unilever to ‘transform’ company with Microsoft tools

Unilever is currently working toward one of its major goals to become driven by data insights in order to predict the future.

To do this, the global company has implemented a host of digital tools from Microsoft.

It is intended that these tools will “transform” the way Unilever is connecting people, making data accessible to a broader employee base and equipping them with the skills to analyse data and make better informed decisions.

“[The tools] can have obvious benefits, like increasing efficiency, but also an impact on topics that are central to our business, such as sustainability,” Unilever CIO Jane Moran said.

A few of the Microsoft tools Unilever have taken advantage of, include:

  • Using IoT and intelligent edge services in the Azure IoT platform to enable its digital twin, a next general digital model of a physical environment.
  • Using Power BI, a business analytics tool, to help employees visualise data in whatever way works for them to solve the problems they’re facing and generate their own reports.
  • Utilising Microsoft PowerApps to allow employees to build custom apps themselves, without a developer.
  • Moving to Microsoft Teams to set up a community for Dove factories where they can access energy usage data for all factories.

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