Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Vegemite introduces gluten free alternative

Aussie icon Vegemite has launched a gluten free version of its product.

After two years of research and development, Vegemite has released the highly anticipated gluten free and FODMAP friendly Vegemite.

With one in four Australians avoiding gluten and a documented 1.5 per cent of Australians suffering from coeliac disease, the decision to persevere with a complex innovation to meet Vegemite lovers’ expectations was well worth the wait, says Matt Gray, Marketing Manager at Vegemite.

“The Vegemite brand’s venture into the gluten free market has been consumer driven, with thousands of requests for the product,” he said. “It is an important step to ensure the Aussie spread can be enjoyed in every Australian diet.

“Vegemite is as iconic as it is delicious and, while we know it’s an Aussie staple in the cupboards of millions of Australians, we’re aware that it can’t be enjoyed by many who would desperately love to.

“It hasn’t been an easy formulation to nail, with the most significant challenge being to find a suitable alternative to brewer’s yeast. Working with bakers gluten free yeast, we think we’ve nailed the Vegemite taste for those avoiding gluten and can’t wait to hear the feedback.”

Gluten Free Vegemite is available in a 235g jar and is priced at $4.89.

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