Thursday, February 22, 2024

Visy steps in to process hard-to-recycle plastics

Australian recycler Visy has acquired the assets of Victorian plastics recycling business Advanced Circular Polymers (ACP), post its collapse late last year.

Located in Somerton in Melbourne’s north, ACP reprocessed plastics from kerbside recycling collections. The facility has the capacity to sort and process more than 30,000 tonnes of plastics annually to be sold for reuse.

Visy is preventing these hard to recycle plastics going to landfill, says Visy Chief Executive Officer Mark De Wit.

“We’re not just a manufacturing company—diverting material away from landfill is at the heart of what we do.”

“We’ll be on site from this week to begin the clean-up process. We are committed to processing the over 1,000 tonnes of unprocessed material on the site.”

Visy will send some of the material to its world-class food grade recycled plastics manufacturing site in Smithfield, NSW to be reprocessed for food grade rPET and rHDPE containers.

Visy has signed a five-year lease with the landlord, demonstrating its commitment to processing hard-to-recycle plastics in Australia.

In 2022, Visy completed a $29m multi-state investment to divert up to 38,000 tonnes of plastics from going to landfill or being exported overseas each year, the equivalent of 1.9 billion plastic bottles.

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