Monday, April 22, 2024

Vonto app launch will help small businesses

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Vonto is a free mobile app that provides personalised insights and ideas to keep small businesses moving in the right direction.

The app powered by CBA, collates data from a range of regularly used business tools into one platform, to provide easy to understand and actionable insights.

“More than 80% of small businesses are using up to six business apps to run their operation, potentially meaning six logins to six different systems, every day, just to see the status quo,” says Vonto Managing Director, Elliot Cousins.

“Small business owners are time poor – for most business owners there aren’t enough hours in the day to double click on what their business data is telling them, let alone decipher this information and know what to do with it.”

How it works

Vonto runs through a business’ data each morning and delivers 10 key insights, and recommended actions.

For example, insights such as cash flow outlook, website traffic, social media engagement and product performance.

Additionally, the app will pull together these data sets to generate holistic insights.


“We decided to launch with a selective number of integrations and are looking to our users to tell us what integrations they want in future releases,” explains Mr Cousins.

Integration launches include Xero, Google Analytics, Shopify, Facebook and Vend, with more already in development.

The Vonto app has been made possible due to X15 Ventures.

Mr Cousins says, “By being part of X15 we’ve been able to accelerate across all aspects of the venture building process. The fact that we’re back by CBA, and get access to X15 partners like Microsoft, provides us with a tremendous advantage.”

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