Sunday, June 16, 2024

Woolworths to adopt Australasian Recycling Label

Woolworths is the first Australian supermarket to commit to adopting the new Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) for its private-label goods.

The new labelling system, developed by Planet Ark, is aimed at supporting customers in the disposing of packaging correctly and efficiently, highlighting what needs to be done with each piece of packaging to ensure the appropriate elements end up in recycling and those that can’t be recycled are correctly disposed of.

“Our research shows that the majority of Australians continue to be confused about recycling of common items,” Planet Ark CEO Paul Klymenko said. “Some things we think can be recycled can’t be, while some packaging continues going to landfill when it can be recycled.

“That’s why we developed the ARL, an evidence-based and standardised labelling system. It enables people to make better recycling decisions and put their packaging in the right bin.”

Woolworths Food Group Head of Sustainability Adrian Cullen says the retailer is committed to taking its environmental and community responsibilities seriously.

“This is one part of that commitment to minimise our impact on the environment and encourage recycling,” he said. “Using the ARL is a clear and easy way for them to do this and hopefully will lead to more recycling.”

The labelling has already begun to appear on Woolworths’ own-brand products including prepacked potato and pasta salads and the new Woolworths Skyr yoghurt. The ARL will continue to be added to other products as packaging is refreshed and updated.

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