Woolworths brings Bae Juice to its shelves

Earlier in the year, Retail World introduced its readers to 100% Korean pear juice, Bae Juice.

The catch of this juice? That it assists in a faster-recovery time for hangovers, after a big night.

This week, shoppers will be able to get their hands on the juice even easier, with the new partnership between Bae Juice and Woolworths.

The product will range in 900+ Woolworths stores across Australia.

“We have worked seven days a week for the last two yerars, sacrificed every dollar we have made into this business and this is what we worked so hard for, we couldn’t be happier,” says Co-Founder, Tim O’Sulivan.

“I remember so clearly telling our manufacturer, as 23 year old, we were going to get this amazing product in 1000 stores and be a big brand in Australia, and it’s insanely rewarding to have partly completed that.”

The company first launched in 2019 and made its way into 1000 stores by October in 18 months.

Other Co-Founder Liam Gostencnik adds, “The deal with Woolworths is proof that Bae Juice is making inroads in the Australian market, it is an indication that our strategy of building a portfolio of independents has been successful, it has been anchored by a surging consumer demand for our product.

“Our goal for the brand was to always make our product as accessible as possible for the consumer and Woolworths is an enormous step in the right direction to achieve this.”

To read more on the Bae Juice story, click here or visit baejuiceaus.com.au.

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