Monday, June 17, 2024

Woolworths’ new onion won’t make you cry

Woolworths has launched what are claimed to be Australia’s first “tearless” onions.

Available exclusively at Woolworths across NSW, Victoria and the ACT, the Happy Chop – Tearless Onions are “less likely to make you cry when you cut it”.

“As a natural self-defense mechanism, onions release a combination of natural chemicals and enzymes (or ‘volatile compounds’) that can cause some tears and irritation when an onion is damaged or cut,” says Woolworths.

“Happy Chop – Tearless Onions contain fewer of these compounds, and these compounds continue to reduce after they are harvested, compared to regular onions where these compounds increase over time. This means they become more tearless over time.”

According to Woolworths, Happy Chop – Tearless Onions were developed over decades using natural methods, including crossbreeding existing onion varieties.

“We’re excited to bring this incredible variety to our customers to take the tears out of meal prep,” says Woolworths Supermarkets General Manager Fruit & Veg Paul Turner. “I’ve heard all sorts of stories about how people avoid tears when cutting onions – whether that’s wearing glasses, freezing onions or wearing a mask.

“These Happy Chop – Tearless Onions stand out as a unique innovation in Australian produce. Onions are a household staple and this is a great option for many people who end up in tears when preparing onions. It’s another way we continue to deliver on our promise to bring the best fresh fruit and veg to our customers.”

While being less pungent, Happy Chop – Tearless Onions are said to retain a “great” onion flavour and are “slightly” sweeter than regular brown onions. They can be enjoyed raw or cooked.

Happy Chop – Tearless Onions will be available in 500g packs for $2.50 each until September.

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