Zebra scan-as-you-go earns its stripes at PAK’nSAVE

PAK’nSAVE in New Zealand is offering customers scan-as-you-go devices from Zebra Technologies to streamline their shopping experience.

Zebra says its handheld PS20 computers give customers complete, real-time information about their spending as they shop.

PAK’nSAVE has deployed the personal shopping system at supermarkets in New Zealand’s lower North Island. The supermarket says it offers faster checkout and bigger time savings for customers and staff.

In fact, customers with large shopping lists say they’ve saved up to 30 minutes for a single shopping trip by using the device.

“Shoppers like the speed and convenience,” said Dean Galt, owner-operator of PAK’nSAVE Kilbirnie store in Wellington.

“The interactive grocery experience has reduced the time spent during the checkout. This is because it allows customers to pack their groceries as they shop and pay speedily at the end of their visit.

“SHOP’n GO may be a significant technological investment. But it can help our customers and our team save time and cost.”

A level shopping field

Zebra’s technology partner, Mobico, developed the SHOP’n GO system for Zebra’s PS20 personal shopper. According to Mobico Managing Director Aldas Palubinskas, it helps level out waiting times for all types of customer.

“PAK’nSAVE realised that, unlike frequent travellers who enjoy the benefit of going through express check-in lanes at the airport, customers with a full shopping cart at a supermarket have to put up with a longer checkout process,” he said.

“Our self-scan solution speeds up the process of paying at the till as shoppers can track their total spend as they shop. They can also pack their items based on their individual preferences. This results in a more efficient unpacking process at home.”

Zebra Technologies’ Regional Director of ANZ, Tom Christodoulou, says the handheld devices will transform the shopping experience.

“We’re excited to be part of PAK’nSAVE’s journey by offering a performance edge with the innovative scan-as-you go system to maintain a high level of efficiency and enhanced customer service,” he said.

“We’re delighted to see a retailer like PAK’nSAVE leveraging the benefits of advanced technology to make a real difference to the way customers shop.”

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