Wednesday, April 24, 2024

ARA calls for ‘common sense’ when it comes to shopping

The Australian Retail Association (ARA) is encouraging consumers in South-East Queensland to shop with purpose and pursue available options online during the Covid lockdown.

CEO Paul Zahra says the controversy that’s been created around retail activity over the past day has created unnecessary confusion.

“There is no need for retail or consumer panic despite the differing opinions in media,” says Mr Zahra.

“The facts are that retail can remain open for the goods and services people need, but consumers should only be out shopping for essential items. This is about using common sense. If you need to go to the shops, get in and get out without delay – this is not time for browsing or socialising. We’re encouraging people to shop with purpose as they do during lockdowns in other states and territories.”

He continues, “Click and collect, online and deliveries are still available, so if there are items you would normally buy in stores, consider those digital options. Most retailers have an online presence and every dollar you spend keeps someone in a job, it doesn’t matter if that purchase is made in a store or over the internet.

“Governments and industry bodies need to work together to ensure businesses and consumers understand what they can and can’t do during lockdowns. Unnecessary fear-mongering does nothing but create confusion and anxiety. We need to be working together to ensure we get out of this lockdown as quickly as possible.”

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