Monday, April 22, 2024

Available now: Australia’s largest supermarket shopping behaviour study

Gateway Research has launched the first set of results from ‘Shopper Compass for Supermarkets’, Australia’s largest ongoing research program into live in-store supermarket shopping behaviour.

Backed by several top global brands, the research program’s first round involved 500 shoppers’ actual and entire shopping trips, with their eye movements tracked throughout their shopping experience.

Analysis of 400,000 shopper positions in-store, 12,000 product interactions and nine million eye fixations has yielded behaviour for the entire store, each individual aisle and department, 200 categories, gondola and off-location displays, and front-of-store checkout areas.

Gateway Research Managing Director Dr Peter Brawn said Shopper Compass has produced a number of ‘firsts’ through its research program.

“This is the first time we’ve really been able to see the interaction between gondola displays and at-shelf purchase, to determine whether the gondola is ‘taking the sale’ from the shelf, prompting purchase from the aisle or is incremental,” he said.

“It’s also the first time we’ve been able to see the conversion rates of every part of the store, including fresh and individual gondola ends and checkouts, and therefore where the best parts of the store for displays are.”

Mr Brawn noted that while there was now proof of shoppers speeding up and becoming less impulsive toward the end of their trips, the most impulsive part of the trip is the middle of three phases, rather than at the outset.

Results from Shopper Compass are available for purchase through Gateway Research.

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