Sunday, April 14, 2024

Changes in online shopping behaviour

There’s no doubt that consumers shopping behaviours have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, new results show just how different consumers online shopping behaviour is.

Global research from Wordstream found that the pandemic is turning Aussies into midnight shoppers, with a 49% increase in browsing time between 12am – 3am.

With many people working from home, people are staying up later than normal, spending time browsing the internet.

Other changes in browsing habits include:

  • 27% less browsing online from 5am – 8am;
  • 31% less browsing online from 8pm – 11pm;
  • 6% less browsing online from 4pm – 5pm.


  • 54% higher consumption of online shopping materials on Mondays;
  • 32% higher consumption on Tuesdays – now makes Tuesday the second higher search day;
  • Online shopping on a Thursday and Friday is down a combined 31%; however,
  • Weekends still remain the most popular time for tracking down a good bargain.

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