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Coles blames ‘minor IT problems’ for Sunday shutdown

Coles says it was an IT glitch that caused some of its supermarkets to close for three hours yesterday morning.

The glitch affected cash registers, leaving some supermarkets little choice but to close while engineers resolved the issue.

“We apologise,” read a printed notice outside a number of shuttered supermarkets. “This store is currently closed due to circumstances beyond our control. We are working to resolve the issue and will reopen as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Although the glitch was nationwide, not all Coles supermarkets shut down.

Coles didn’t tell customers about the shutdown on social media. But it did issue a statement just after 10am on Sunday saying all stores were “open and trading”.

“Earlier this morning we had some minor IT problems in some of our supermarkets which were out of our team members’ control,” the statement said. “We apologise for any inconvenience our customers experienced earlier this morning.”

In a later statement on Sunday afternoon, a spokesman said only some stores in the eastern states were affected.

“We thank our team members in affected stores who worked hard to ensure customers could complete their shopping as smoothly as possible once all stores were open,” the statement said.

Mixed response

The shutdown drew mixed a response on social media.

Some people vented their frustration at Coles. “Would be good if you could post something explaining what’s going on with your stores being closed this morning!” one Facebook user wrote. “No explanation on the door – besides ‘unforeseen circumstances’.”

Others criticised the reactions of other customers. “Aussies are SO spoilt & dramatic,” one Twitter user wrote. “Just went to Coles – saw it was closed and witnessed three different people carry on like clowns. Keep things in perspective people! Life goes on.”

Some even found it in their hearts to praise the supermarket. One Facebook user wrote, “To the Coles Glenroy staff – thank you staying open, and for your updates on what was going on with the registers. I really appreciate your work!”

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