Friday, July 26, 2024

Coles introduces new vegetable powders

Coles and vegetable company Nutri V have launched a range of vegetable powders to help Australians eat more greens and combat food waste.

A collaboration between long-term Coles fresh produce supplier Fresh Select and the CSIRO, Nutri V reduces food waste by converting “imperfect” Australian vegetables such as broccoli, pumpkin and cauliflower into a powder that can be added to meals such as smoothies, muffins, and pasta sauce.

Nutri V CEO Raquel Said says the powder range is a great option for people looking to help achieve the recommended five serves of vegetables each day as well as address the pressing issue of food waste.

“Our powders are an excellent solution for busy people looking to increase their veggie intake and parents trying to sneak some extra veggies into their kids’ meals,” she says.

“We’re also helping to reduce food waste by converting slightly imperfect veggies into a powder that is a source of dietary fibre, ready to use, has no mess or waste and can be added to almost any meal.”

Coles General Manager of Sustainability Brooke Donnelly says the powders are an ingenious solution to sneaking more veggies into your diet while providing a sustainable solution to the challenge of food waste at the farm.

“This is an excellent example of how we are developing a circular economy by converting what was previously wasted food into a valuable and convenient product,” she says.

“It also provides a way for our farmers to use all of their crop, which is more sustainable and financially beneficial for our growers.”

Each 70g pack of Broccoli Powder has the equivalent of approximately 750g of broccoli or two and a half heads of broccoli, while the 70g pack of Cauliflower Powder has the equivalent of approximately 750g of cauliflower or two heads of cauliflower.

Joining Nutri V’s existing of veggie puff snacks, Nutri V Goods, the powders are now available at all Coles stores in Victoria, retailing for $8.90, and will expand to other states later this year.

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