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Coles wants to put customers on the road to wellness

Coles has launched its Wellness Road range of health foods, claiming “uncomplicated goodness” is the key to healthier eating.

The supermarket says the new range will make it easier for customers to choose healthier options.

‘Accessible and affordable’

Wellness Road is a range of 28 new products, including Organic Black Rice Noodles with Chia, Organic Cacao Powder, White Chia Seeds and Australian Almond Flour.

Chief Operating Officer Greg Davis says Coles has designed the range to make healthier options more “accessible and affordable”.

He said: “From teenagers, through to those in their 60s and 70s, our customers are telling us they want to eat less processed foods, and cut back on sugar and salt.

“But customers also don’t want to change their entire diet or pay a huge premium for healthier foods. And they don’t have time to make a special shopping trip for a couple of ingredients.”

Free from …

Coles says all Wellness Road products are free from artificial colours and flavours, and trans fats. They also have less sugar and salt than its “conventional” products.

“What we’ve looked to do with Wellness Road is simply provide our customers with uncomplicated goodness – delicious tasting and nutritionally-balanced products,” Mr Davis said. “And, importantly, at great value.”

Former MasterChef Australia contestant and resident chef for the Sydney Swans, Courtney Roulston, says the range makes healthier eating easier.

“Great cooking relies on great ingredients,” she said. “When you have a range of healthier products that are more readily available and affordable, there’s no excuse that your next meal shouldn’t be delicious and healthier.”

Three for the Road

Coles says Wellness Road products must meet all three of the following standards:

  • Reduced levels of sodium, sugar and saturated fat, where applicable
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners
  • Free from trans fatty acids from partially hydrogenated oils.

The Wellness Road range is available at selected Coles supermarkets and online throughout Australia.

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