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Consumers reveal top priorities as country starts to ‘unlock’

While we have all been living in stressful, concerning times, a positive that is shining through is that Australian consumers currently feel more connected to their family than ever before.

In fact new research from Accenture says that it’s more than half (51%) of Aussie consumers who feel more connected to their family.

A survey conducted in May 2020 with 348 Australians, highlights the importance of being connected to family and revealed the top three priorities of Australian consumers:

  • The health of friends and family (77%)
  • Personal health (75%)
  • Financial security (45%)

New purchasing habits

Consumers continue to shift their grocery habits, with over half (51%) of Australian respondents claiming they are buying what they need online and as needed, to ensure there is enough for others.

Panic buying has slowed down, only 10% of Australians are actively stocking up on essentials in case the shops run out and an equally low number are increasing their purchases of products such as hand sanitiser.

Additionally, nearly half of those surveyed (48%) said they are using contactless payments, along with home delivery (41%) and in-app ordering (33%).

Proceed with caution

While the Federal and State Governments have been outlining their phased plans for unlocking the country, Australian consumers remain cautious about venturing out with over half (54%) of respondents feeling most uncomfortable to go to a sporting event or concert, bar or club (47%) and on public transport (45%).

“Although restrictions are being relaxed across the nation, consumers are still concerned when it comes to venturing outside of their home,” says Products Lead, Accenture Australia Glenn Heppell.

“It is vital for businesses to ensure the right protocols and rules are in place to ease the worry of Australians during this time. As it may be challenging to adapt to the constantly evolving normal, the habits that are formed now by consumers will endure beyond this crisis, permanently changing what we value; how and where we shop; and how we live and work.”

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