Monday, July 22, 2024

Drumstick inspires Aussies to clean up

Peters Drumstick has teamed up with Clean Up Australia and chef Andy Allen to inspire Australians to clean up their own backyard.

Drumstick’s ‘Let’s Clean Up Our Backyard’ initiative is headlined by Mr Allen who is calling upon fellow Australians to help clean up their local communities.

This is the second year the ice cream brand has collaborated with Clean Up Australia, pledging a further $250,000 towards producing free Clean Up Kits.

“I took part in Clean Up Australia Day every year as a little tacker, so I’m excited to partner with Drumstick, a brand that not only brings joy to Australians but is also taking tangible steps towards a cleaner and more sustainable future,” says Mr Allen.

Alongside the campaign, Drumstick has launched two new flavours inspired by urban and suburban neighbourhoods:

  • Iced Latte. A “smooth” blend of vanilla and coffee with a drizzle of espresso syrup and a sprinkling of choc flakes.
  • Choc Raspberry Brownie. “Delicious” layers of vanilla and choc brownie are combined with a “vibrant burst” of raspberry sauce, all topped with choc brownie pieces.

Australians can order their free Clean Up Kit by either scanning the QR code on the Drumstick four-pack (new flavours only) or by visiting the Clean Up Australia x Drumstick website to sign up. Once received, Australians can start cleaning up their ‘backyard’ anytime. Clean Up Australia Day is on Sunday, 3 March.

The two new Drumstick flavours, available in a four-pack for RRP $9.50 and individual serves for RRP $4.80 (Iced Latte only), can be found in supermarket freezers and petrol and convenience stores.

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