Monday, March 4, 2024

Future Farm now available in Australia

Future Farm has made its way to Australia with its range of plant-based meat now available in 732 Coles stores.

Said to be replicating the taste, texture and tenderness of traditional meat, Future Farm claims to be able to please even the pickiest of palates with its ‘true texture’ technology. Using artificial technology to mimic the composition of real meat, all products are made with an “exclusive blend” of soy, pea, and chickpea.

“While alternative food sources to animal protein is not a new concept, Future Farm is challenging just how clean and green our diets can be, creating a more sustainable life for people, animals and our entire ecosystem, throughout their production process,” says the brand.

“The vegan burgers, meatballs, and beef are all non-GMO, [have] zero artificial colours or flavours, and [are] gluten free, with the aim of retailing at competitive prices compared to other plant-based brands available in Australia.

“Most recently, Future Farm is very proud to announce that its much-loved Future Burger has officially been granted carbon neutral status.”

Future Farm founder Marcos Leta says his company is excited to bring a new generation of plant-based meat to Australia.

“Our proprietary technology and innovative blend of three plant-based proteins is what we expect consumers to be astounded by – superior taste, texture, and tenderness much like real meat,” he says. “Gaining entry to this very open-minded market means we’re one step closer to becoming a global leader in the industry.”

Future Farm Pacific General Manager Lisa Asher adds: “We’re starting in retail, partnering with Coles with the famed burger, meatballs, and mince, but we’re also supplying product to select foodservice clients who are looking to build out their vegan offering and drive the same pro-sustainability messaging as our Future Farm family. Expansion is key; any location that sells meat is our target. We’re looking to feed every Aussie mouth and have them second guess their next alternative meat selection when doing their grocery shop, dining out or grabbing takeaway.”

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