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Getting social in 2022

Hootsuite has released its sixth annual Social Trends Report, which reveals the major forces set to shape social as we know it in 2022.

The survey of 18,000-plus marketers – backed by global data and insights from industry experts, customers, and partners – identifies partnering with creators and thinking outside the marketing department as two trends shaping social use.

“We’re seeing social make its break out of the marketing department as social commerce enters full swing, and opportunities arise for customer care on our favourite platforms,” says Hootsuite CMO Maggie Lower.

“As the impact of social media continues to grow and evolve around the globe, the market will continue to drop clues about what it collectively wants.”

Key findings

Brands finally get community right (with the help of creators): digital communities are becoming more central to consumers’ lives and identities, and creators are the key to unlocking them. Smart brands are partnering with creators to connect with new audiences, earn their trust, and gain cultural capital.

Marketers get creative as consumers wise up to social ads: consumers are holding brands to higher standards when it comes to creativity in social advertising (and rewarding those that get it right).

Social quietly matures out of the marketing department: having seen the value of social in marketing, business leaders are finding innovative ways to extend its impact elsewhere in their organisations – buffing up employee advocacy programs, mastering social listening to gather consumer insights, and looking to deliver the kind of impact they’ve seen social have on their marketing – organisation-wide.

Social becomes the heart of the shopping experience: the era of social commerce is in full swing, and the opportunity is only getting bigger. Competitive small businesses are finding a balance between social storefronts and bricks and mortar, while large brands test the outer limits of the online shopping experience.

Social marketers rescue their brands from the customer service apocalypse: demand for customer service over social has been surging and social media managers now find themselves in an ideal position to play the hero and steer their organisations through the upheaval.

Navigating social in 2020

With more than 4.5 billion people now using social media—and with our physical and digital lives becoming increasingly intertwined – navigating the social media landscape has become an even more complex task for brands and organisations.

Hootsuite encourages readers to dive deep into online communities to find their authentic purpose, think strategically, and take risks to defy expectations and outperform competitors in 2022.

“After turbulent times, when organisations have been forced to operate tactically, it’s now time for marketers to think strategically again,” says CEO Tom Keiser.

“Let’s consider how to create connected online communities. Let’s champion the infinite potential of social commerce and customer care. Let’s make bold choices informed by data, vision, and purpose – and make them wonder how we did it.”

Read the complete analysis, brand examples, and strategies for 2022 in the full report.

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