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Jimmy Brings reveals Australia’s biggest beer drinkers

New data from on-demand alcohol delivery service Jimmy Brings reveals where Australians are the “most thirsty” for a beer.

According to the company, demand for beer remained high in 2022, evidenced by new products expanding the category.

“Off the back of pandemic highs, an estimated 6,666,000 Australians (33.3%) currently drink beer,” says Jimmy Brings.

In the race for top spot across the capital cities:

  • Brisbane topped the list at 27.9% of city sales, and accordingly, beer is the most popular drinks category in Brisbane.
  • Melbourne took the second spot at 26.6%, and beer is also the most popular drinks category in Melbourne.
  • Sydney was recorded as third biggest beer drinkers at 24.9%, and as a result, beer is the second most popular drinks category in Sydney after wine.

“Taking the crown when it comes to the highest proportion of beer orders in Australia was Geelong, making up 40.6% of drink sales in the area,” says Jimmy Brings. “[This was] followed closely by Newcastle (39.7%) and Launceston (38.2%).”

Australians are not just beer drinkers, though. They are beer connoisseurs, according to Jimmy Brings.

“Enjoying timeless Aussie classics like XXXX Gold, unique craft brews like Newstead Coastal Ale and fruity refreshments like Sungazer Watermelon Flavoured, Australians have range when it comes to their beer beverages,” says the company.

“In 2022, the most ordered category of beer via the Jimmy Brings app was lager.”

Jimmy Brings Head Luke Calavassy says demand for beer is expected to continue growing in 2023, particularly in categories such as ginger beer and fruity beer, based on recent sales results and new consumers entering the category.

“Australian drinking preferences constantly evolve and in recent years, we have seen this across the beer category,” he says.

“Our data is showing us that customers are more adventurous with their beer selections, and willing to try something new. There has been a lot of innovation across the beer category recently and we are seeing customers really get behind the new options available to them.”

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