Thursday, May 30, 2024

Jokes on you

Jokes on you – Have your social media feeds blown up with weird and wonderful product launches today? The Retail World team will admit to getting excited over many of these – before remembering the date!

Many brands like to get creative on April Fools Day. Here are some of our favourite pranks that were rolled out today.

Jokes on you

Coles’ “As Seen On” shopping aisle

The retailer launched the Coles TikTok channel, featuring new products, sustainable tips and tricks, recipe hacks and more. Coinciding with this, it also announced a dedicated section in store for recipe ingredients and products that are trending on TikTok and Instagram, to give social media savvy shoppers their pick of the most talked-about items.

“When we recognised the launch of our TikTok channel coincided with April Fools Day, we couldn’t resist. As much as our customers would love an ‘As Seen On TikTok’ aisle, our products will stay where they are, for now. Our friendly Coles team members can point all TikTok trend lovers to your favourite product locations in-store. Happy Shopping!”

Watch Coles’ April Fools TikTok .

Heinz Beanz with Weet-Bix

Like all good foods that come in pairs, Heinz and Weet-Bix teamed up to present a convenient brekkie option: Heinz Beanz with Weet-Bix. The brands described the interesting combo as “the perfect meal to spice up your breakfast so your beans will never feel alone”.

Deliveroo’s combo condiment

Deliveroo announced the limited-edition Aussie Remix Sauce – a blend of two of Australia’s “favourite ingredients”: coriander and pickles.

The unconventional sauce was promised to “revolutionise Australian dining for the better, with the sauce serving as the perfect combo for your chips, spread for a burger, or even enjoyed on its own”.

Menulog’s edible bags

Menulog claimed its team of food scientists had developed a way to make its iconic brown paper delivery bags edible, with six “delicious, fun flavours”. Edible bags might not be a thing (yet), but Menulog gave users adventurous enough to click through the link a free delivery code for their next order.

Vegemite Tim Tams

What better combination of two iconic Aussie brands could there be? The brands shared product shots of the “MITEY delicious biscuit” on social media, prompting many “I’d be excited if it weren’t for the date!” responses.

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