Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pepsi celebrates brand refresh

Pepsi has marked its ‘new era’ with a partnership with emerging fashion designer Jackson Cowden, celebrating not only Pepsi’s new identity, but the “reinvention of classic fashion items and conventions”.

In partnership with the 22-year-old emerging digital fashion artist, the launch of the Pepsi Pulse Collection showcases Pepsi’s new visual identity, while “challenging the status-quo of traditional design”.

The bespoke 10-piece strong collection is designed “distinctly AI first”, taking inspiration from Pepsi’s new visual identity, and celebrating the brand’s “deep blue colourways, pulsating visuals and modern logo silhouettes.” It refreshes old familiar staples such as the little black dress and the classic white shirt.

Using traditional design methods of sketching, pattern making, and multiple sample rounds would normally take Mr Cowden up to nine months to complete a collection. With the young designer choosing instead an alternative approach in AI fashion technology, designing first in the digital world, he was able to complete the final designs in 40 days, minimising waste, saving time, and pushing the boundaries of fashion traditions.

“It’s been great to partner with Pepsi who share similar values around challenging the status quo, pushing the unconventional and searching for new and bold ways of doing things,” says Mr Cowden.

“The Pepsi Pulse Collection does exactly that and more, by transcending traditional boundaries and challenges conventional norms.”

Pepsi’s Pulse Collection was launched at a full-scale runway show, underscored by an exclusive performance from homegrown artist G Flip set against Sydney Harbour.

Pepsi’s new look

Pepsi’s new brand identity is said to borrow equity from Pepsi’s past, while incorporating modern elements to create a look that is “unapologetically current and undeniably Pepsi”.

The new logo was first unveiled in the US and is now launching in over 120 countries worldwide, through various consumer touchpoints – spanning digital, experiential and retail.

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