Friday, July 26, 2024

Planet Ark to help businesses adopt accredited product stewardship schemes

Planet Ark has launched the Product Stewardship Hub to help industries navigate the process of establishing voluntary accredited product stewardship schemes.

“We want to protect nature for future generations. This means all levels of industry working collaboratively alongside government and consumers,” says Planet Ark Chair Lyndell Fraser.

“With the launch of Planet Ark’s Product Stewardship Hub, more support and guidance is available for industries to achieve this goal together through the transition to a circular economy.”

The Hub will aim to address barriers that hinder businesses from embracing accredited product stewardship schemes such as the lack of templates for the creation of legally appropriate governance and finance models, and support ongoing operational structure and management.

“For most Australian businesses, a voluntary accredited product stewardship scheme is something very novel,” says Product Stewardship Hub Head Beau Boundy.

“With over 25 years’ experience supporting industries design, establish, manage and deliver well-known product stewardship schemes including Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, Podcycle and Batteries 4 Planet Ark, Planet Ark is well placed to assist businesses at each step of the process.”

The Hub’s first task will be launching Podcycle, a national scheme for all Australians that collects and recycles all types and brands of coffee pods being established in collaboration with coffee pod brands and stakeholders. Podcycle aims to be accredited as a voluntary scheme by the Australian government and is due for launch in 2024.

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