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Shoppers turning away from processed food

As clean eating sweeps the nation food shoppers are turning away from some processed foods, a report reveals.

Declining food categories 

Herald Sun Consumer Reporter, Karen Collier recently reported on Supermarket data, which shows that purchases of canned fruit and vegetables dropped by five and three per cent, respectively in the past year.  

Ms Collier reported, according to market researcher, IRI, sales volumes of cooking sauces and long-life prepared meals also fell by six per cent,  

Declining food categories, with sales dropping between two to six per cent in a year, have been said to also include:

  • Canned fish
  • Baby food
  • Long-life juice
  • Salad dressing
  • Canned and packet soups. 

“There’s a growing trend away from processed and canned food, and towards locally sourced and fresh products,” confirmed IRI Asia-Pacific Chief Commercial Officer, Alistair Leathwood. 

Consumer perception of health

Mr Leathwood revealed products back in favour due to perceptions that they are healthier, include full-cream milk and butter.  

Research by IRI revealed sales full-cream milk and butter were up 16 per cent over the past two years while reduced or no fat milk and margarine sales fell by 12 and five per cent respectively, during the same period.

Sales of extra virgin olive oil increased by 16 per cent, according to IRI. 

“Social influencers and health and wellness experts are impacting on the decisions of shoppers,” Mr Leathwoood said. 

Health food aisle

According to Mr Leathwood, as consumers become more health conscious, spending is increasing in the health food aisle, with sales growing by eight per cent over the last 12 months in this category. 

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