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Vegemite unveils remake of iconic advertisement

Vegemite has revealed the remake of its iconic Happy Little Vegemites advertisement as the brand inches towards its 100th birthday.

The remake comes off the back of a national public casting call in April, that invited the kids of Australia to audition for a “once-in-a-lifetime” role. Vegemite received over 10,000 audition applications.

According to Vegemite, the Happy Little Vegemites jingle and accompanying ad has woven itself into Aussie culture over the years. Now, the ad has been remade to celebrate the next generation of Happy Little Vegemites.

“When Vegemite announced the remake of the Happy Little Vegemites ad, we knew one thing was true – it was a chance for some lucky kids to weave themselves into the Aussie history books,” says Bega Foods General Manager Matt Gray.

“Vegemite has played a key role in this great nation since 1923, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate its incredible legacy than by inviting a new generation of Happy Little Vegemites to be a part of something incredibly special.”

A ‘very special’ guest 

What Vegemite didn’t reveal in its original announcement was that the brand was inviting a “very special” member of the Vegemite family back for the remake.

“Many might recognise the iconic Trish Cavanagh who was just seven years old when she marched on top of the Vegemite jar in the original 1950s ad, and Vegemite is thrilled to have Trish, now 71, on board as a special guest within its 2023 remake,” says the brand.

“Aged seven, Trish didn’t realise what she was getting herself into at the time, but 64 years later the Happy Little Vegemites ad is now as iconic as ever.”

Ms Cavanagh says she’s so honoured Vegemite asked her to be involved in the ad that changed her life forever.

“Vegemite has been and continues to play a huge role in my life, and I am so thrilled to be passing the baton to the next generation of Happy Little Vegemite kids,” she says.

“These children today don’t realise what a big event this is for them, and I hope in the years to come they look back with pride. To be in the remake of the original Vegemite ad for Vegemite’s 100th birthday is something very special. Get ready for the ride kids – I think it will be a long one!”

The new kids on the block  

From the 10,000 who responded to Vegemite’s national casting call auditions, six lucky youngsters made the final cut: Brielle (6), Cyril (7), Albie (7), Amber (10), Ava (10) and Xavier (11).

“Within the remake, you’ll spot Vegemite’s 2023 cast of Happy Little Vegemites joyously dancing, gleefully running around the clothesline in the backyard, climbing trees and sharing Vegemite moments with their cherished friends,” says the brand.

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