Which supermarket is cheapest for national brands?

“If I didn’t have to buy groceries, I’d be rich” is something I’ve heard from the average Aussie MANY times. Groceries are a massive cost-of-living concern for households, and Covid-19 has only made that concern rise.

One way to save money, says Rachel Clemons at CHOICE, is to purchase supermarket brand (also known as ‘house’ or ‘own’ brand) products.

In CHOICE’s most recent grocery basket price survey, it was revealed that the Coles or Woolworths brand basket was 40% cheaper than the equivalent leading brand basket.

However, sometimes the aesthetics of a supermarket brand, doesn’t live up to the nation brand equivalent. Due to this point, CHOICE took a look at which supermarket holds the cheapest national brands – comparing the prices between Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

National brand products were found to be 20% cheaper at Aldi, than at Coles and Woolworths when comparing unit prices.

Product examples include:

Colgate Optic White – 44% cheaper at Aldi

Aldi – $5.25

Coles – $9.41

Woolworths – $9.41

Nescafe Blend 43 – 47% cheaper at Aldi

Aldi – $3.33

Coles – $6.27

Woolworths – $6.27

Cadbury Favourites – 40% cheaper at Aldi

Aldi – $2.26

Coles – $3.75

Woolworths – $3.75

To view the rest of the list of items that were compared, click here.

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