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Wholesome gifts, a hit for Christmas 2020

December 2020 proved to be filled with wholesome gift-giving.

eStore Logistics noticed an increase in online orders for health and beauty products, books, CD’s and DVD’s and home renovation items.

Home renovations in particular saw a significant year of growth which also saw 138% YoY growth in November and 129% in October.

“After a really challenging year, it’s no wonder that Aussie Christmas shoppers opted to give wholesome gifts to friends and family at Christmas.

“In fact, the growth in online orders in 2020 for these products shows that we responded to 2020’s challenges by making wellbeing our top priority,” says Managing Director at eStore Logistics, Leigh Williams.

State-by-state online increase

Below are how much each state increased in online sales in comparison to December 2019.

Vic – 33% more online purchases

NSW – 28% more online purchases

Qld – 25% more online purchases

SA – 23% more online purchases

ACT – 24% more online purchases

“In December, no Australian state was in lock down and all physical stores were operating as normal, however shoppers still opted to buy online.

“For online orders to still be growing at 27% compared to December 2019 shows us that the habit of online shopping is being cemented in our lives for the long term.”

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