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Bagging a bargain ‘more exciting than sex’

Almost one in four Aussie shoppers say finding a bargain is more exciting than sex, according to new research.

Online retailer containerdoor.com.au commissioned the survey of 1,000 Australians, which revealed their love of a good bargain.

More exciting than …

There were some eye-catching findings. For a start, 24 per cent of respondents described the thrill of bagging a bargain as ‘more exciting than sex’. Surprisingly to some, this number rose to 30 per cent among men, compared with just 18 per cent of women.

Sport was the next casualty. According to 29 per cent of respondents, bargain hunting is more exciting than seeing a favourite sports team win. In fact, 27 per cent of Victorians rated it more exciting than seeing their footy team win the Grand Final.

Founder of containerdoor.com.au Ben Nathan said: “We know shoppers too often feel like they’re getting ripped off by retailers. So it wasn’t a huge shock to us that getting something you want for a great price is comparable to sex and winning the Grand Final!”

Patience – at a price

The survey also revealed 62 per cent of Aussies were willing to wait six to eight weeks for an online purchase if it meant getting it half price.

And despite their popular reputation for craving ‘instant gratification’, younger people (aged 25-34 years) were the most patient. The least patient, by contrast, were 55 to 64 year olds.

Shopping around

Almost all respondents (93 per cent) shop around in-store and online if they’re buying something for more than $500. But, in the end, 65 per cent believe they’ll find a better deal online than in-store, the survey found.

“The research also found that NSW shoppers were less likely to shop around for a better price than their Victorian and Queensland equivalents,” Mr Nathan said. “We’re hoping our recent launch into Australia will make it easier for the people of NSW to get savvier with their shopping.”

Containerdoor.com.au describes itself as “a website that sells identical products to high street retailers but at factory-direct prices”. Having launched in Australia two months ago, it lists its most popular purchases so far as “surfboards, paddleboards and BBQs”.

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