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Coles gets ready for Christmas

Coles has launched its Christmas campaign for 2021, which “recreates” Australia’s love of entertaining.

The campaign also celebrates ‘Value the Australian Way’ by drawing upon the heritage of Coles, the different roles food plays in Australians lives, and importantly, what Australians value.

Pre-Christmas survey

Coles has undertaken its biggest ever pre-Christmas survey to understand what Australians value most this Christmas, how they are feeling right now and what they are looking forward to.

According to almost 7500 Australian surveyed:

  • The “majority” of respondents are most looking forward to the togetherness at Christmas (59%). This is strong among all age groups, but particularly those aged over 65 (65%).
  • 50% of respondents don’t intend to travel at all. 19% plan to travel locally, 7% have plans to travel interstate, 4% have family/friends travelling to them and just 1% plan to travel overseas.
  • While 37% say not much has changed, 26% of people feel more grateful this year. Those aged 18-34 year in particular feel they have had more positive changes in their lifestyle (34%), home environment (26%) and relationships (26%).
  • The “majority” of respondents are feeling more grateful for their family (85%) and friends (60%).
  • Home is where the “majority” of respondents want to be this Christmas. Just over half want to spend Christmas indoors with family and friends, while 41% plan to spend Christmas outdoors. 3% plan to spend Christmas at a restaurant.
  • Just over a quarter of respondents (27%) will be catching up with friends and family virtually while 20% are unsure as yet. The majority don’t plan to (53%).
  • Food is the main focus of Christmas Day with 64% of respondents saying it’s their favourite part of the day. Kids having fun (41%) and cooking for friends and family (35%) are favourites as well.
  • Traditional Christmas carols and jingles are the main types of music (48%) listened to, particularly for those aged over 65 (60%).
  • The “majority” (60%) of respondents will have lunch as the main meal on Christmas Day. 44% will have Christmas dinner and 30% also have Christmas breakfast.
  • Just over half of the respondents say Christmas ham is their favourite Christmas product from Coles. This is followed by chocolates and confectionery (39%) and prawns (37%).

The campaign

At the heart of Coles’ integrated campaign, created by DDB Australia and shot by Stephen Carroll, is the Neil Diamond song ‘Beautiful Noise’, which has been reimagined by Aussie artist Emily Soon.

According to the retailer, the scenes show Australians who need a release and are excited to come together.

“Whether it’s finally reconnecting with mates, or dealing with a last-minute change in restrictions, in true Aussie spirit, they will make the most of Christmas and find joy and laughter in whatever they do,” says Coles.

“The ad also highlights the work of amazing Australians supporting their communities, including healthcare workers, food rescue organisations and home delivery drivers helping millions of Australians now choosing to shop online.”

New products

Coles has launched more than 150 new and exclusive products.

This includes a Coles Crackling Rib Rack Roast Ham. The retailer says the team has taken Aussie sow stall free pork, and cured and smoked it so it’s ready for the oven.

“It makes the preparation easy for customers this Christmas,” says Coles, “delivering a balance of sweet and savoury flavours with the perfect crunchy crackling.”

This year, Coles also welcomes its first-ever Turducken, providing an “Aussie twist” on a popular US holiday dish: “succulent” turkey, duck and chicken all in one.

Intended for “fun entertaining with friends”, Coles is offering a range of ready-to-share party food. This includes RSPCA-approved Chicken Kiev Bites and BBQ Beef Brisket Mac & Cheese Bites.

For those customers looking for “fancy food and amazing value”, Coles has a range of new bakery products under the Coles Finest brand. Made in Australia with all-butter pastry, the new Finest mini tarts come in Salted Caramel and Fruit Mince Crumble.

“Ideal for sharing and just $6 a pack,” says Coles. “They’ll go well with our new mousse logs, which are vegan-friendly and sure to impress.”

And to make life in the kitchen “even easier”, Coles is rewarding customers with new kitchen utensils to collect. This includes four new stainless-steel MasterChef Knives, scissors and an electric mini chopper, as well as a return of the four most popular knives from last year’s collection.

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