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Eight in ten want after-hours parcel delivery (but won’t pay for it)

Online shoppers in Australia want round-the-clock parcel delivery but don’t want to pay for it, research has found.

CouriersPlease, which describes itself as a “leading parcel delivery service”, says it commissioned an independent, nationally representative panel of 1,021 Australian consumers.

The goal was “to gauge the demand for after-hours or weekend parcel delivery and how much consumers would pay”.

Main findings

The findings reveal a disparity between the services people want and what they’re willing to pay for them. Assuming, that is, they’re willing to pay for them at all.

According to the survey:

  • 80 per cent of respondents say they want the option of having their parcels delivered after hours, including weekends.
  • 73 per cent want a three-hour or same-day parcel delivery service.

But is this clear demand matched by a willingness to pay? Not according to the findings:

  • 47 per cent of respondents won’t pay extra.
  • 28 per cent would pay up to $5.
  • 18 per cent would spend only $5-10.
  • Only seven per cent would pay $10 or more for after-hours delivery.

Mind the generation gap

The survey also revealed age differences in demand and willingness to pay, particularly between the under-30s and over-60s.

Under 30s are keenest for extra delivery services, the result show:

  • 91 per cent of 19-29-year-olds want after-hours and weekend parcel delivery
  • 89 per cent want three-hour and same-day delivery
  • 75 per cent are also happy to pay for it
  • 30 per cent are willing to pay $5-10.

By contrast, over-60s express markedly less demand:

  • Just 65 per cent want after-hours and weekend delivery
  • 57 per cent want three-hour and same-day delivery
  • 70 per cent don’t want to spend more than $10 on these extra services
  • 30 per cent would be willing to pay $5-10.

Great expectations

CP spokesperson Jessica Ip says ecommerce and online services have permanently shifted consumer expectations.

“With the rise of on-demand providers such as Uber, Deliveroo and Netflix, Aussies have grown accustomed to having products and services at the ready – at a time convenient for them.

“It’s become the norm to expect fast turnaround, with the demand also expanding to the ecommerce industry and parcel deliveries.

“Consumers are looking for ways to make their lives easier by having flexibility to receive their parcels when they want.”

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