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Embracing brand changes amid pandemic

(Feature image: new packaging from Livwell)

As the market changes, so will brands and their strategies, including package designs.

Brands that are established household names tend to go through a major brand overhaul every 7-10 years, and smaller refreshes more frequently, according to

Recently Burger King’s identity saw a ‘whopper’ of a refresh, with its first new logo, in over 20 years.

“Minimalist logo seamlessly meets the brand evolution of the times,” Burger King says in a press release.

Their new logo also pays tribute to the brand’s 64-year-old history, with the refreshed look, holding similarities to an old logo that was used from 1969 to 1999.

A change in Livwell

Similarly, the team at Livwell have been embracing change, within their brand.

The business launched several products since its first debut on the market during 2019. Livwell recognised that consistency of the pack design needed to be revisited.

Additionally, they recognised other key points:

  1. The breadth of their products had expanded.
  2. There had been considerable changes to the market during 2020.
  3. The vegan demand was growing and the Livwell brand needed to communicate to the consumer the total vegan branding on the packaging.

Livwell sought out feedback from its distribution partners and consumers, to take a deeper look into consumer needs and align the findings by commissioning a complete redesign of its product range.

Livwell’s change comes with a number of other brands such as Cadbury and Julie’s changing their packaging design amid the pandemic.

While packaging design is sometimes at the end of the priority list, it is perhaps now a time to re-think the looks of your brand.

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