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My Muscle Chef ‘redefines’ strength

My Muscle Chef (MYMC) has announced its new brand campaign, ‘Strong Like This’.

According to MYMC, the campaign expands on the company’s current tagline, ‘Every Body, Every Goal’, and redefines what it means to be fit and strong.

The company coined the tagline ‘Every Body, Every Goal’ three years ago. At the time, MYMC observed its consumers’ goals as calorie control, performance and building muscle. However, over the last two years, the global pandemic and a growing customer base encouraged the company to reshape its positioning.

The past two years, says MYMC, have highlighted that feeling good and living healthy every day is more than just training physical muscles. It’s also about exercising thoughts (mental fitness) and flexing feelings (emotional fitness). MYMC defines this holistic concept as ‘total self fitness’, which is the inspiration for the new campaign and brand sentiment.

“MYMC’s new brand platform aims to educate Australians that strength is not just for the physically strong,” says the company. “Whether a working mother is rushing to take her children to extracurricular activities, or a paramedic is trying to stay alert during a night shift, strength can be found in life’s everyday obstacles if good nutrition is part of the equation.

“Strength is for everyone and every muscle, in body and being, and as long as consumers are fuelled by good nutrition, everything is connected, and every goal is achievable.”

A whole new chapter

MYMC Head of Marketing Liam Loan-Lack says this is the start of a whole new chapter for the company,

“We’re launching a new platform to unify the entire business more closely to the modern consumer sentiment around what it means to be ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ – that it’s not just about looking good but feeling good holistically,” he says.

“We understand consumers are increasingly time poor, and the constant pressure that comes with achieving goals, which are more than building muscle at the gym. Yet still, there is a lack of awareness around the importance of consistent, good nutrition as the connector of total wellbeing.”

“The simple fact is that consumers want to feel good, not just look great. ‘Strong Like This’ is the consumer facing expression of how we are fundamentally living up to this sentiment. To us at MYMC, it is a new, more responsible narrative around health and wellbeing.”

Behind the creative

MYMC says it has created a “playful and uplifting” creative, depicting “everyday strength through everyday challenging moments”.

The first narrative looks at how one woman has seemingly forgotten her friend’s name after a fitness session. But after enjoying her MYMC protein smoothie, she has the mental clarity to remember her friend’s name.

The second explores a father’s struggle between answering text messages from mates and playtime with his daughter. After savouring his protein rich MYMC meal, he resists the temptation to answer his messages in order to spend quality time with his daughter.

MYMC appointed TBWA Sydney in 2021 to lead the brand strategy and creative. They worked closely with production company, Revolver, sound studio, Otis, and post-production company, The Glue Society Studios, to bring the ‘Strong Like This’ narrative to life.

TBWA Sydney Chief Creative Officer Evan Roberts says it’s not every day you get to be involved with such a disruptive brand at such a critical juncture in their growth.

“We hope the ‘Strong Like This’ platform can create another defining moment in the MYMC story,” he says.

The brand campaign is now rolling out across TV, broadcaster video on demand, online video, out of home, social and search engine marketing.

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