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Online shopping is future of retail, say Aussie consumers

Three in five Australian consumers believe the shift to online shopping is unstoppable, according to new research.

In fact, 59 per cent say they believe “most of the industry” will be online in the next two to five years.

The parcel-delivery service CouriersPlease (CP) commissioned the research from independent research agency Pureprofile in May.

Pureprofile surveyed an “independent, nationally representative” panel of 1021 Australians who had made at least three online purchases in the past six months.

Key results

Most of the survey respondents say they believe Australia’s retail industry is moving online.

  • Three in four (75 per cent) believe Australia will see more closures of bricks-and-mortar stores in the next two years.
  • Participants were asked if they think most of the industry will soon be online. One in four (25 per cent) believe it will be. More than 35 per cent believe this will happen within five years.
  • Just 15 per cent of respondents do not think the retail industry will shift to online.

Attitudes vary according to category

The researchers also asked participants which types of product they would mostly buy online.

Books, DVDs and stationery topped the list. Three in four (75 per cent) of respondents say they’re happy to do most of their shopping in these categories online.

But Aussies have no trouble buying larger ticket items online either. In fact, 59 per cent of respondents indicated they would happily buy technology products online.

By contrast, there are some items that people aren’t happy to buy on the internet.

  • 90 per cent said they would not buy pets and animals from the internet.
  • 77 per cent would not do most of their homewares and furniture shopping online.
  • 73 per cent are not happy going online for jewellery.
  • 63 per cent aren’t happy doing most of their shopping for tools, hardware and motor parts online.

Millennials vs boomers

The survey also revealed that more millennials are happier to shop for fashion online than baby boomers. Two in three (64 per cent) of 19-to-29-year-olds are willing to do so, compared with 25 per cent of baby boomers.

CP Head of Commercial & Transformation Jessica Ip said: “With the industry shifting to online, an increasing number of retailers will need to continue improving a major e-commerce service: customer deliveries.

“At CP, we’re constantly innovating our delivery solutions as a way to tailor our services to the needs of customers.”

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