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2001 General Manager: Omer Soker Editor in Chief: Barry Flanagan The February-March 2001 edition of Retail World featured a front-page reports saying Woolworths had ifred "the first shot in the private label battle" against Aldi....


2000 Chief Executive: Omer Soker Retail Media was acquired by The Dobbins Group (Chairman and owner Michael Dobbins). During this decade, Retail Media published a host of titles, including Retail World (including Wholly Organic), Retail Pharmacy,...


1995 Chief Executive: Alan Mackie Publisher/Editor: Barry Flanagan This was an eventful decade for Retail World with the launch of C-Store World (now Convenience World) first as a supplement, then as a stand-alone publication. By 1995...


1994 General Manager: Alan Mackie Publisher/Editor: Barry Flanagan Retail World ran a breakout table headlined "How the giants compare" in its September 26, 1994 issue, showing Woolworths to have reached market capitalisation of $9.8 billion...


Commercial Manager: Alan Mackie In August 1991, the chain launched what Retail World called "the mother of all grocery price wars", slashing the prices of 6000 items on federal budget day, August 20.


Chief Executive/Publisher: John Waugh Commercial Manager: Alan Mackie The 1990's brought the promise of dramatic social an economic changes as the world drew closer to a new millennium. A second magazine, Liquor World, was launched...


1988 Publisher and Editor: Michael Richardson Deputy Editor: Barry Flanagan


1987 Chief Executive: Michael Richardson Editor: Ian Allan Editorial: Barry Flanagan (a former finance journalist who joined in November) The Black Monday Stock Market crash of October 19, 1987 put a major damper on what was...


1985 Chief Executive: Eric Stephens Editor: Michael Hollingworth One of the most controversial wholesaler moves of the 80's was the decision of Victoria's Composite Buyers in April 1986 to acquire the Payless - Permewan business...


1984 Chief Executive: Eric Stephens Editor: Christopher Speary In August 1984, Davids moved quickly to acquire the wholesaling operations of Foodland Holdings from Cold Storage, following that with a successful bid for the RG Withers...

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