Powerade launches multi-million-dollar campaign

Powerade has launched a new campaign encouraging people to ‘Sweat it Out’.

According to the sports drink brand, the multi-million-dollar integrated marketing communications campaign aims to inspire active people of all ages and genders to sweat out the daily pressures of life.

The campaign showcases that scientifically formulated Powerade Ion4 delivers hydration and replaces electrolytes lost in sweat. It will be led by a locally made TVC with the 30 second spot scheduled to air nationally from this week across television, online video and social media.

Along with the new TVC, a series of creative executions will feature high profile Powerade brand ambassadors, Sam Kerr and Dylan Alcott. They will appear in creative across digital out-of-home, proximity, POS, social and in a range of fitness centres.

“Our new Powerade ‘Sweat it Out’ campaign is about connecting the brand to a broader audience,” says Coca-Cola South Pacific Sports Marketing Manager Natalie Whitehead-Farr.

“We all have daily pressures or niggles and know that exercise can help clear your head and make you feel stronger, whether that be a 5km jog, a functional training class or a marathon.

“We all know that feeling of exhilaration we get after exercising which helps us take on the day.

Powerade and Powerade Active Water deliver Ion4 hydration that replaces electrolytes lost in sweat.”

The campaign will also be supported with sampling and ambassador activity throughout 2020.

About Powerade Active Water

Launched last year, the brand’s latest innovation Powerade Active Water is designed for active people of all ages.

It is said to be scientifically formulated with Powerade’s Ion4 electrolyte system, and provides hydration before, during and after all exercise.

Powerade claims the product is sugar free, formulated with electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium to replace those lost in sweat, and contains B vitamins for energy and natural flavours.

Powerade Active Water, according to the brand, contains the electrolyte potassium to support hydration and B vitamins for energy.

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