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Retailers focus on sales over marketing in 2021

E-commerce has proven that it’s a huge factor for driving business, especially throughout 2020.

A significant number of Aussies (84%) now shop online, with a third (33%) preferring to shop online before the pandemic.

New research is now showing that online retailers will continue to work hard to drive online sales, over building their social media presence or spending on marketing.

The research comes from an independent survey, commissioned by CouriersPlease (CP).

Respondents of the survey noted which strategies they focused on before shutdowns in March last year.

The strategies (March 2020) include:

  • Driving repeat customers – 36%
  • Expanding their product range – 27%
  • Differentiating their brand from competitors – 27%
  • Customer acquisition – 33%
  • Increased their online/social media presence – 33%
  • Growing their e-commerce offering – 20%

Respondents were additionally asked what their main business focus will be after the economy opens completely in 2021.

  • Sales – 52%
  • Customer acquisition – 28%
  • Driving repeat customers – 24%
  • Marketing – 20%
  • Differentiating their brand from competitors – 13%
  • Increase online/social media presence – 6%

“While many online retailers experienced an increase in sales during the shutdowns, our survey suggests the sales will remain a priority in 2021,” says Chief Commercial Officer at CP, Paul Roper.

“It is important that retailers consider ways to grow sales as the economy recovers and consumer spending increases. Often, the differentiator between retailers is the customer experience – and the last mile component is where brand differentiation really makes a difference.

“Offering multiple flexible options such as express deliveries, parcel collection locations that are open after hours, and parcel redirection, help drive customer acquisition and loyalty, because convenience is key throughout the online shopping experience.”

To view the full survey results, click here.

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